Friday, July 2, 2010

Character of the Month - July

Hey hey, welcome back to the Anime Character of the month :P.
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Everyone who has ever stepped into a video game arcade shop knows Street fighter. Its one of the most played and money-milk-cow arcade fighting game produced by CapCom. So its fitting to give it a Hi-5. The character of the month is none other than Ryu.
Ryu signifies determination,perseverance and a calm demeanor. He tends to train most of the time and is extremely fond of his friend Ken Masters who are mostly seen sparring together. Ryu learnt martial arts from Gouken who taught him moves like Hadouken , Shoryuken and its varied styles. Ryu's main rivals are Shadaloo-an underworld organization and Sagat who was defeated mercilessly by Ryu in a tournament.

It is said that usage of the Hadouken increases one's evil intent and it was this evil intent which put Ryu in a rage and he could defeat Sagat. Knowing this, he now hunts for an answer, a solution to his martial art style side effect and wanders and trains wholeheartedly.

Specials : Hadouken , Shinkuu Hadouken , Metsuhadouken , Shoryuuken , Shinkuu Shoryuuken and Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku.

P.S : The picture depicts Ryu engulfed by the dark Hadou.

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