Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MAC Meetup No. VII - Cosplay Action!

MAC Meetup VII has certainly been a meetup of novelty! And what a novel time we had. Characterized by superb cosplays, an awesome dance performance by the girls, an appreciative screening, intense anime debates, an AMV Workshop and a whole lot of fun (\m/), Meetup VII has accomplished many firsts in our short little history of MAC. ^__^

The day started off with a lot of work for the staff who had to prepare the meetup hall and the technical stuffs, not to mention the girls were still practicing their dance in the morning. :P The members started coming and our cosplayers made an entry downstairs as the members cheered and screamed as they came. :P Yes indeed we had quite a few members who dared to be different… B-)

The meetup initially began with a wonderful dance performance by the girls group – Rachita, Tanya, Mohita and Aadya on the song “Lonely in Gorgeous” by Paradise Kiss. You can check out the video here:

They were simply superb and everyone loved their performance. The male cosplayers posing towards the end of the Dance performance looked really cool. And we’re definitely hoping to see some more performances like these in upcoming meetups (perhaps us boys can lend a hand too). xD

After the dance the cosplay introductions began where each cosplayer talked about themselves, as the character’s theme was played in the background. First up was Rishabh, who really dressed up pretty well and resembled Kakashi a lot. Although he was feeling suffocated with the mask and had to remove it to talk :P Members were like, “Now we know how Kakashi looks like, ha ha!”

Rishabh – Kakashi (Naruto)

Next up was Rachita aka Ai Enma. Looking kawaii dressed in a blue kimono. Her introduction went like, “Hello, I’m Hell Girl from the Anime…. Hell Girl”. The entire crowd went laughing =)) including me! XD She was trying to act cold like Ai Enma but that soooo didn’t work out.

Rachita – Ai Enma (Hell Girl)

Then it was Gaurav-san’s turn, who was looking incredible as Ryu from Street Fighter. As the arcade style music played in the background, Ryu flashed some of his trademark blows and the crowd went “Oooo”, it was quite entertaining. :)

Gaurav – Ryu (Street Fighter)

Akshay was dressed up in a straw hat as Luffy from One Piece. Everyone LOVED Luffy but were booing Akshay =P But he performed an awesome move of Luffy and looked really cool while doing so. :)

Akshay – Luffy (One Piece, from a particular movie)

Tanya-chan came dressed in a cloak, just as how Nekozawa is like. I couldn’t help overhear Pranay and a few others teasing her clothes as “Burkha” =))  Nekozawa though, was without Beelzenef (his cat) xD Tanya-chan did a nice job acting up as Nekozawa, those who’ve seen Ouran would have found it funny. =D

Then came Mohita-san dressed up as Sunako from Yamato Nadeshiko. Apparently she’s a girl who’s always bullied upon by others and acts scared, and Mohita-san really performed well to her character. =)

Tanya – Nekozawa-sempai (Ouran High School Host Club)
Mohita – Sunako (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)

Nikhil-san’s turn was up next, dressed as Zero from Vampire Knight, or should we say, “Black Zero” xD With an Air Gun in his hand, Nikhil started talking about who Zero is, in particular his theme song sounded really cool. ^^

Nikhil – Zero (Vampire Knight)

And lastly, our cosplayer queen (or maybe princess o.O) Jane stepped up, dressed beautifully as Yuki from Vampire Knight. The detail to her cosplay was amazing, with the wig and the striped white lines on the dress, it was really nicely made. ^_^

Jane – Yuki (Vampire Knight)

The Karaoke happened later. We started with spot-on Karaoke and got people up to sing random songs from Anime. It was kinda difficult but it made for a humorous experience. Then the normal Karaoke rounds began with Nikhil giving an awesome performance on the song “Go!!” from Naruto. *__* The entire crowd starting singing along with him. :D
Rajasi then came up and sang “Aikoi” from Tsubasa although she wasn’t able to multitask with the mic and the paper she was reading from :P
Then Abhishek and Tanya sung “Sen No Yoru Koete” from the 1st Movie on Bleach, and the crowds started waving their hands as they were singing. It was really a funny scene to watch. xD

Tanya and Abhishek - Karaoke

As the Karaoke ended it was finally time for the screening. For the screening this time we aired 3 AMV’s made by Anirudha, Jane and Abhishek. People really liked the AMV’s. Then Toradora’s First Episode was aired and people really had a fun time watching that. After that an Academy Award Winning Short Anime Film called “Tsumiki No Ie” or “La Maison Petit Cubes” was aired. It was really moving and was quite emotional. ^_^

Members ^_^

As the screening finished, the food arrived and was served in a very efficient manner. This time we ordered Pizza too and people relished it. We then took a break and everyone started eating and formed groups where they exchanged conversations and socialized. After the break was over, the Debate Section and the AMV workshop began simultaneously in the main hall. Abhishek was in-charge of the workshop and he explained the interested members about Movie Maker and AMV Making. It was a half an hour session and many members left with good inputs about AMV making. :)

A Bunch of loving Otakus ^__^

The debate was on Kira vs L and it was on fire. On one side was Vishnu and Mave-chan rooting for L and on the other side was Pranay and Leon supporting Kira and others pitched in as well. The debate got really intense and both the sides put up really valid points. The conclusion for the debate was a draw, much to the discontent of both the sides. :P

As the debates ended, the usual photo-sessions began, inside the HQ and later outside. Although this meetup didn’t have the crowd like the last few times (we had 30 this time), it didn’t make much difference to the experience of a MAC Meetup. As usual, we will continue to have meetups every month. We will continue to grow and get bigger and better.

MAC \m/

Just to take you back through the entire meet (to those who didn't attend), Popo Chibi (Vinay) made a really sweet video. Have a look ^__^:

Mumbai Anime Club - The Otaku revolution in India begins from here…


rachi said...

wohoo!! awesome!!

Abhishek said...

Arigato! ^__^

Pyratic said...

Splendid !!

Gautam said...

Amazing!!!!!!! Let me see if I can snip up some costume this time around.

Nikhil said...

Awesome Work dude

Snugtrition said...

It's really amazing how anime is all around the world. I just happened to stumble across your site and I'm really impressed by how well your anime club is doing.

It's hard to describe how great it is to watch your videos from a different country and culture. Aside from these posts about your meetings I also like reading the Character posts, they're very well done =)

Abhishek said...

Why thank you. :) Its an effort that some of us took and it overwhelmed us to see the response we got in our own city.

I'm glad to see that you enjoyed our videos and posts. We'll try to keep the blog updated more often so you can catch up on more events ^_^

And yes, the Character posts. Sigh I miss creating them nowadays, will get back to work after my exams. :)