Saturday, July 17, 2010

MAC Meetup III - Headquarters (Finally)

At last, the much awaited meet up at M.A.C’s Official Headquarters took place on 11th July, 2010 (much thanks to Anirudha-san for arranging the place).

Contrasting the previous two meets, meet up no. III somehow wasn’t able to kick into a new gear. But that didn’t restrict the members into having a wonderful time. ;) :D

The meet kicked off at 1.30 PM, with more than 25 people being in attendance. As like last time, there were loads of new faces, which was an encouraging sign for MAC’s Future. It just portrays the increasing popularity of our Club, and it seems that the voice of Otakus is finally reaching the Masses in Mumbai. We aim for everyone to unite under the common roof of Japanese Anime and Manga; and hopefully spark off a nationwide revolution of Anime Dominance \m/ (Yes we dream! But we don’t just dream ^^)

(The Various Anime Posters)

The room was looked brilliant with the various Anime posters hanging around the walls along with some beautiful sketches made by our members (Sketching department FTW!) A special thanks to Nikhil-san for bringing in over 30 posters of various Anime. =) Members couldn’t get their hands off the posters, but weren’t allowed to take anything until the end of the meet XD.

(A dejected Yasser trying to burn the DVD in a futile attempt to get the Movie to play)

After the round of introductions, the “plan” was to watch an Anime Movie. It was also supposed to be the 1st official airing of Anime ever since MAC’s inception. But due to some unfortunate technical issues, we weren’t able to do watch the Movie. Yasser-san has already been pwned too much as it was his responsibility, but it’s alright. We forgive you Yasser :) *thwacks him* ^__^.

Abhishek-san made a late entry, and bought along Official Posters of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Tears to Tiara, much to the greedy eyes of a few members. :P In between, important announcements were made by Akshay-san regarding the MAC Membership as well as T-Shirts. Members were told to give in their ideas for pictures to be printed on the MAC T-shirt. Out of the suggestions we receive a few will be shortlisted and then will be chosen.

(MAC Members Playing Spin-The-Bottle XD)

As attempts to get the Movie to play finally died down, Rachita-san suggested that we play spin-the-bottle. So all the members gathered around in a circle, and the bottle was “spun”. However, the bottle spun too much as it was empty, and so we got it filled up. It then moved hardly :| XD A few members were asked questions, the new members exempted from any perversity :P

We then decided to stop playing, and Akshay-san again moved on to discussing membership to MAC and making it official. We also had with us Ajitabh-san who shared his experiences in some Manga Competitions he entered. Hopefully the Manga department can get together and start work on creating a new Manga for MAC. Would be nice ^_^

(MAC Members ^__^)

After the discussions with Akshay-san, it was time to leave. Some went off to their homes, happy and waiting for the next meet while others made plans for the after-party (a common norm after MAC Meetups). So despite of the technical disturbances, we members managed to have a memorable time. And so, it continues on. \m/


gaurav said...

a fine article abhishek-san :D.

looks like its only us here.or might as well appreciate :P.

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Im the one who visits this page the most !!

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Abhishek said...

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rakesh said...

Hey ppl I m not much of a reader i hav not read much wats written above but i just wanted to know is this some kind of otaku ppl group in mumbai... still alive since the last post. rply folks need more anime.......