Thursday, November 11, 2010

Character of the Month - November

She's mean, kawaii, dangerous and totally NOT the stereotypical female characters that we see in plenty of Shoujo Anime/Manga. She is short, dangerous and famously known for being the "Palmtop Tiger" of her class. Hailing from the Anime Toradora, November's Character of the Month is none other than *drumrolls*.................... TAIGA AISAKA!!!

Watch'a lookin at?

Character Profile:
Taiga is a girl in Ryūji's class. She has a well-regulated and beautiful appearance though is unable to stomach company from others. Due to her often snapping at others in brutal ways and her short stature, she is given the nickname "Palmtop Tiger".

Her under-developed body and the added nickname has given her a complex which in turn serves to give her a negative attitude and facial expression.

Essentially, Taiga gets upset easily and is considerably clumsy. She is also brutally honest, typically when she is lashing out at someone. Due to her cute looks (described as a doll by Ryūji), she often gets confessions of love by boys, but she turns down every one of them, including Yūsaku Kitamura (which she later regrets).

Taiga-chan thanks MAC for putting her as Character of the Month ^__^

About the Anime:
Toradora is a really fantastic series to watch and will be loved by those who enjoy school life type Anime with a sense of humor. One of the best talking points about the Anime is that it grabs you right from the first episode.

It's realistic and remains humorous without creating any non-sense. It's also a story of characters who are entwined in the mess of love, and how 2 of them (Taiga and Ryuji) get together to help each other out with their love interests.

The Opening and Ending songs are pretty entertaining. The slow background music in the Anime really gives out a calm, happy feel when watching the Anime. Considered as an intimidating delinquent (Ryuji) and a scary looking girl (Taiga), the story that develops between the two of them is truly heart warming :)

In all a really great Anime to watch. ^__^ Definite recommendation :)

The main characters of Toradora! (from left to right): Ryūji, Yūsaku, Taiga, Minori, and Ami.