Thursday, August 5, 2010

Character of the Month - August

Considering Ullquiora -sama is my idol, it's impossible to not dedicate a thread to HIM :P.

Ullquiorra is the fourth Espada in the Aizen's army and a character from Bleach. He is one of Ichigo's (lame) main rivals and Kubo has devoted lot of time to him considering his fanbase :P. He is slender but muscular and has his hollow hole near his chest which defects to near his voicebox in the later episodes. His hand spear jab move which is his favorite hand-to-hand combat move punctures the opponent's heart which is a flying reference to his own hollow hole. His other prominent features include green lines from both his eyebrows which make him seem like he's crying (but to your disappointment he isn't a EMO, FYI that may pretty well be his battle paint). He has a keen eye which gives him an edge over the others.
His sword release quote is Tozase Murciélago.
His other abilities include Sonido, Gran ray cero and cero oscuras.
He is the only Espada to have a second transformation which is Resurrección Segunda Etapa. In this form his Lanza del Relámpago turns out to be a finisher.

Anyways his untimely death at the hands of a overpowered Ichigo made me loose interest in Bleach but that's a story for tomorrow.


Abhishek said...

I loved the moment where Ulquiorra first used "LANZA DEL RELAMPAGO" I have watched that scene over 20 times and I still LOVE it. The effect that attack caused (after it missed Ichigo) was so wicked *__*

Ulquiorra is indeed one of my fav. characters in Bleach. :D Epic \m/

Pyratic said...

I won't butt in your love triangle ^_^'

Just that BLEACH SUCKS !!!!!!!!!

hah ! felt good

Gr!mmJow said...

Ulquiorra is ok ok re!

Itachi Hitsugaya said...

Ive recently started watching Bleach and iv watched some 200 episodes. I wish Ulquiorra had just finished off Orihime when Aizen leaves for Karakura Town. Shes so useless that female, Ulquiorra wouldve done humanity a great favor by killing off that bitch! And whats with the uncanny resemblance with L..seems as if L was teleported to Bleach post his death in Death Note :D