Thursday, November 4, 2010

MAC Meetup No. VI

Sensational! The 6th Official Mumbai Anime Club Meetup has truly been one of the most innovative and organized meetups we’ve had. O_O With over 45 people in attendance yet again, it makes me happy to see that we now have a bunch of awesome otakus who’ll always keep coming. ^__^ Yet another milestone to M.A.C’s growing popularity. \m/

The day started with the staff meeting up early, still with many things to sort out. The were a bit of things to be finalized in S.O.S and the screening had to be checked as well. Around noon though, everything was settled and the members started coming. We announced the time of the meetup at 12pm expecting members to come by at most 1pm. And thankfully so, most of the members were in the hall by that time :P Thus began the processions ^_^

I really don't know what they are doing XD XD
This meetup exhibited many firsts for M.A.C. We officially had our first cosplayer in Jane Wesker, who looked kawaiiiiii dressed up as Yuna from Final Fantasy X holding a staff. ^___^ She and Pranay also Karaoke’d the song “Again” from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and sung superbly (considering how difficult the song is O_O).

MAC's very own cosplayer, Jane :)
Rachi-san then took over and asked the new members to introduce themselves. :) This time we also asked them a question as to How they could be useful to MAC. ^_^ It’s always a good feeling to see new people coming in every meet, most of them being big fans of Naruto, Death Note and DBZ. :P

We then began the Spot-On Karaoke round, hu hu. Yes, the members were asked to sing along songs by just hearing a preview of that song. First up was the song “Life is Like a Boat” from Bleach (By Rie Fu). Many seemed reluctant but finally Rachi-san grabbed Rhea and she was made to sing. :P And sung beautifully she did ^__^. The 2nd song was “Boats and Birds” and everybody started shouting “John John” and he had to come up to sing along. When asked if he needed a partner, Karan voluntarily joined in. And when they sang, I was almost on the floor. =)) But it was really a commendable effort to come up and sing, so kudos for that :D The last song was “Lithium Flower” from Ghost in the Shell, and Nishi and Pranay got up to sing that, whilst Rachi-san and Ani too sung long :P It was a nice chorus and the members too went in with the groove of the song. Akshay-san came around that time with Mave-chan, who studies in Pune and came back to Mumbai for her holidays. It was nice meeting her ^__^

Rhea-san singing Life is Like a Boat ^_^)

Rachi-san, Ani, Nishi and Pranay singing Lithium Flower

Quickly the orders for the food were taken and it was time to start S.O.S, which literally means “Save Our Souls” but Rishabh though S.O.A sounded better xD The game and its rules were explained and people were asked to participate. After some reluctation we were able to get Pranay, Sagar, Tanya-chan ^__^ and Aadya (had to drag her >.>) to play along. All of them did a wonderful job acting out their villains. Sagar was asked dwindling questions about Vegeta like, “If Bulma’s hair is blue and yours is Yellow, how come Trunks hair is Purple?” xD Aadya-chan played Aizen and gave some good replies to Akshay :P Tanya-chan was kawaii playing Diva from Blood+ and Judges found her to be the nicest xD However, it was ze astounding Pranay Bahn who impersonated Orochimaru brilliantly and answered well to take the 1st Prize. :D

Pranay acting out as Orochimaru :D

Vishnu-san arrived late but was just in time for S.O.S. After announcing the results, he along with Rachi-san started explaining about some Rules at the Club along with the Membership details. Since M.A.C has been growing exponentially, it cannot just survive on donations from members. Hence a membership system will be effective from next month. More details on that will be made in another post. ^^

Members listened intently as Membership and other talks happened ^^

After S.O.S it was time for the screening ^__^. AMV’s made by Jane and Ani were shown, members seemed fascinated by it and the OVA Voices of a Distant Star was aired. The food arrived at the same time and people started munching on the burgers whilst watching the screening. At the end, another AMV (by my friend) was showed and thus concluded the screening. :)

We also had a bit of a surprise by a few members. Heena-san as always bought sushi for us which was delicious. We really can’t thank her enough for doing this every meet. ^^ Oh oh but also, :P some other kawaii girls too went ahead and surprised us. :D Ann, Chantel and Sanjana baked a really awesome cake for all the members at MAC. They were simply oishee *_* I myself had 3 pieces :P Arigatou Gozaimas ^__^. While we enjoyed the cakes and sushi, we all got down to do something that wasn’t done often here at MAC – discuss anime :P We spent nearly half an hour talking about different anime like Fairy Tail, Hungry Heart, Slam Dunk etc and members voiced their opinions on the same. ^__^

Cakeeeeeeeeeeee *_*

Nishigandha bought along some awesome posters of Bleach characters and others, including one of Byakuya that was just *__* All the members felt like stealing the posters =P They were awesome. Also some sketches by Sanjana and others were simply marvelous. It’s so great to see the talent we possess here at M.A.C :D

After the discussions we just chilled out at the premises of the Joglekar Bungalow, took loads and loads of photos and talked more. ^__^ After around an hour of doing the same, we finally left to our individual places (along with some to the after-party) :P

Otaku-ism \m/ - MAC Members

MAC Meetup No. VI marked new beginnings for the Club. From next meet we plan to initiate the membership process, and also introduce new events (that includes Manga Drawing, AMV Workshops etc). It just keeps getting better and better. ^__^ A big Arigatou to all those who attended and those who will be attending the next meetup. ;) M.A.C ish awesome ^o^


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