Friday, June 3, 2011

MAC Meetup XII - 1st Year Anniversary

Its been more than a year since Mumbai Anime Club (MAC) began functioning, and what a journey we've had! All of us got to know that there are so many Anime fans that DO exist in our city. We met up periodically, had great fun and got the privilege to attend some great events like Washoku Street Festival and Japan-India Creative Contents Forum. MAC has put a mark as "the" destination for Anime fans in India. We as the managing staff can only look back to the moments that started it all, and are filled with so much joy and pride to see how the Club has grown. ^_^

So when we decided to have our Anniversary meetup, we tried our best to make it filled with a lot of stuff to get everyone excited. Plans had been made and were under motion since last month, and we are happy to see that most of what we planned was executed nicely. And so the day of the Meet (29th May, 2010) finally arrived. We even had a projector in place (courtesy Mohita-san) for the special occasion ;)

This meetup saw the attendance of more than 45 members which included 6 first timers which was great to see. :) They made their introductions as the rest of the crowd listened and welcomed them to the group. As all of us finally settled down, we played the video that I (Abhishek) spent the entire night making X_X It was a slideshow of all MAC meets from Meet I till XI:

Members loved the video and I'm sure it gave a nostalgic experience to everyone who was part of the few initial meets. The video encompassed MAC's history, the moments we spent during our glorious year. After the video we aired a bunch of AMV's from Naruto. Later Rachi started with the Fishpond, where a random member was chosen and asked a fairly simple question. The first person we picked up was Karanveer and the question was "Name any two of Miyazaki's Movies". He couldn't answer. Still, we were lenient and asked him another very easy question (basically we wanted to give away the prize). And the 2nd question was: "Who's the Mangaka of Naruto?" I think all of us present in that room knew the answer. But when we saw that he didn't even know that everyone just threw him out xD Then we chose another member Roy, who answered the Miyazaki question correctly and got a free A4 poster :D

Rachita then announced what kind of events we had at the meetup. Inside the we had a Fortune Telling session by our very own Mohita-san, who totally dressed up for the occasional in a gypsy outfit. We also had Harini-san reading Tarot Cards and telling us about ourselves and the future (more accurate than *ahem* our fortune telling xD).

Mohita reading Akshay's fortune (which has nothing but bad luck xD)

We also had a beyblade session courtesy Jayesh Ko who got the beyblades and the Bey-Stadium too. It was fun to "Let it Rip" after so many years. Members seem pretty engrossed in playing that. We even had a Duel Masters Card game session. Me and Shashwat started off with proceedings and others joined up to watch.

Beyblade xD
There was a message board on the wall where members could write any message, sign their names or just give a hand-stamp using the paint. Along with the message board we also had some awesome sketches made by Daanish, Ajitesh and Mrinal Roy that were put up on the same wall.

The Handprints done by Members on the Message Board :)

We got food orders from McDonalds as well as from Sushi And More - a new Japanese store that has opened up recently. The Bento Boxes that were ordered looked pretty good and tasted just as well. ^__^

Niha-san came too, dressed up as the awesome Ai Enma (Jigoku Shoujo), was greatly cosplayed. The eyes in particular were kinda scary if you looked at them for too long. *_* Members were just having a chilled out session the entire time as the screening kept on happening. We aired Culture Japan - A documentary video by Danny Choo which showed the Japanese lifestyle and its Pop Culture.

Niha with her cosplay of Ai Enma and Eva Schimmer :)

Sean had brought along a CPU of the Predator series. It was a gorgeous looking CPU which he showed us inside out. If anyone is interested in buying the CPU (or the entire Predator series) at a pretty affordable price, do contact him. :)

Mrinal Roy was there drawing temporary tattoos to any member who wanted them. He made some fantastic creations, including one of the Kyuubi from Naruto :)

Nine-Tailed fox from Naruto. Drawn by Mrinal Roy

The MAC Meet this time was truly random. We didn't stick to schedules and let things flow the way they were. And it did seem to work pretty well, as everyone was somewhere or the other doing something or the other. At around 5ish we started playing Japanese Music and literally had a ballroom session. At first everyone seemed reluctant to start off but Mave-chan and Akshay started off, followed by Bhan and Leon. And soon enough a lot of people joined in and we started dancing. Girls with girls, guys with girls, guys with guys, xD. And later "Satsugai" from Detroit Metal City was also played which saw most of the guys shouting their socks off, headbanging like crazy and faking to play the guitar as they reveled in the insanity of "Satsugai". The meet thus concluded with the rest of us going off for the after party to have another epic time. :D

MAC ^__^
All in all, the MAC Anniversary meet was pretty awesome. For all of us, it marks a proud moment for us. MAC has completed one year, and it certainly has no intent of stopping anytime soon. Although things will change, and we know that they will, it will continue to exist as long as the Otakus in Mumbai wish it to be.

Long Live MAC - For the Love of Anime \m/

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