Thursday, October 14, 2010

Character of the Month - October

Kouga Gennosuke (Basilisk -Kouga ninpo chou!)

Basilisk is a anime about the war between two ninja clans - Kouga and Iga. Its the fight to the finish to decide the next heir of the shogunate. Gennosuke Kouga becomes the leader of the Kouga clan after his grandfather's demise. Taught in the mystic jutsu by Hyoma and his grandfather ,Gennosuke possess the Mystical reversal eye technique by which he can revert an opponent's homicidal intent causing them to hurt\kill themselves.
Being a idealist and a scholar who believes in looking at the future instead of being burdened by the past, always questions the battle's pointless practice. Though usually peaceful Gennosuke can easily kill tens of ninjas within seconds.
His knowledge about his power as well as the unworthy bloodshed , he continues on his path of peace by undertaking a journey to Sunpu to question the higher-ups regarding the War.


Abhishek said...

Interesting character. O_O
His power is nice.

x said...

Powee is awchuuum

sidra said...

quite a humanitarian sort of character with an awesome power