Monday, June 21, 2010

MAC Meetup II - Pizza Hut

After much anxiety and a hope in the future , the day actually arrives. Set in a posh Pizza Hut in Juhu were placed 30+ odd Anime Otakus. Some a little more than others. Pyratic-sama used his brains and had booked the place with a safety time, keeping in mind the average human entrance time :P.

It was again time for introductions.Kurayami was made the scapegoat yet again ._. People came and introduced themselves one-at-a-time followed mostly by sarcastic comments. Notable amongst them were Pyratic with his physical remark, Popo-sama with his narration of lustful hentai craving and being sent to a psychiatrist due to his Anime addiction. Popo-sama Ftw! And also Tatai-chan who mesmerized the audience with her charming nature :D. Soko wa ieee desu ne,tatai-chan :D.

Dragonball Z came out to be the unanimous favorite followed closely by Bleach/Naruto and One piece. Due to the introduction rounds, new Anime names were being thrown around which intrigued the Anime lovers and gave them more to feed on. Speaking of food, the waitress was a chinese/nepali/japanese hybrid too :P. As for the Anime cravings, hats-off to Anirudha-kun and Niwa-kun for their efforts in writing tens of DVD's (requested by Members) and giving it away for free. That a real contribution! and they didn't even sleep the night before. :O

In Ani-kun's words,
"You just give me the links. I will download them (Anime). But GIVE ME THE LINKS! XD"

The excitement was raised when Niha-chan arrived with her kawaii stockings and her outspoken and outstanding demeanor. Sugeee!
Amien and Niha then spoke about the Cosplay division and also found out a willing candidate. Unfortunately there was none shorter than her (minus her heels that is) XD.

The last but not the least person to arrive was Path-san who was his usual Otaku self. After his good comments about the whole turnout, it was time for serious things.

Taicho's were appointed, each with a dedicated task.

Communications and Management - Niwa
Downloading - Anirudha
Promotions - Pyratic
Photoshop and Video Edits - Abhishek and Grimmjow
Blog and News - Kurayami and Abhishek *At last Kurayami-san gets the rights :P.*
Cosplay - Niha and Amien
Manga - Grimmjow
Member Coordination - Popo Chibi

And now it was time to feast.

And now it was time to leave but just for now. With a promise to meet again very soon , the group disbanded. Some other enthusiastic members then went for an after party which was awesome coming from the horse's mouth itself :D.


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Sammy said...

definately amazing meet...hats off to the @ popo's intro..i remember it and start laughing like crazy all over again...then amazing info from parth definately a true anime otaku....and then came the after party ^.^ (jumps around in seat )...had awesome hookah thanks to yours truly...had awesome laughs thanks to niwa-sans awesome 1st time hookah having goofups...oh yea and then again crashing into another car when leaving the place finally *_* Overall Sukkkee!!!

-Sammy Anchan : \