Friday, June 4, 2010

Reminiscence of the 16th - MAC is born

M.A.C - Mumbai Anime Club

16th of May 2010 - Start of a Revelation

After much furore and rampant publicity, a small but etiquette meet-up for Otakus finally took place with much subdued enthusiasm and surprise at InOrbit, Mumbai. Little did we expect that we were going to pass the total headcount for the meet as more than hardly 10. People arrived, slowly but surely. Though it wasn't an impressive count at first, in due time we got a sturdy group by our side.

An hour went by just as the everyone settled down after the voracious consumptions of foot long sandwiches (courtesy Subway). With the laptop being the only source of any kind of Anime references , people flocked towards it in a calm manner. Fans bought their external HD's and Pendrives along and seized everything they liked from Yasser's laptop.

We were soon joined by Path-san, a experienced and old school Otaku along with his friend Karan-san.

As our count steadily improved and as the word spread around like a wildfire, we decided to take our bandwagon to some place quieter and serene. Abhishek-san (who lived just a few mins off the place) guided everyone to a nearby plush Graden. Everyone were able to sit in peace and the meet officially began. Everyone stepped up to get acquainted with each other and start off what till yesterday people mistook for a playgroup. It was a five minute walk from InOrbit to the Park, which naturally took its brunt on us (Akshay-san!!) in the harsh sun. But we made it somehow :P

Fortunately for us, even on a Sunday we got ourselves a nice shady secluded spot to discuss what we bring to this place.

As we finished up with everyone's Introductions and having a few laughs at Yasser's expense , we began with planning and dividing the initial workload for all the members actively involved in the making and maintaining of MAC. A temporary staff was appointed that day onwards to hold MAC together along with loads of other things. Everyone of us shared what they like the most about Anime, Manga and what not! Path-san's valuable inputs helped us out a lot to shape the construction of MAC. As soon as the weather began seeming gloomy, we decided it was indeed getting late and we still had to celebrate today's success.

It was a start of many things to come we could sense as we walked out of the park and big everyone farewell. With tons of promises to fulfill, we set out to meet each other again. Only this time, with more people, more Anime and a few surprises in store for everyone.

Akshay-san has personally nicknamed our crew as the Mugiwara crew :)
We love to sing, dance, eat, drink and be merry!
We share the same interests! All of us have our similar dreams.

P.S: Especially for Newcomers
Do not, and i mean do NOT offer to pay for the President's or any other member of the Mugiwara Crew's drinks.
Well ^_^ we'll only warn you once.

For all the pictures from the first MAC Meetup, just visit:
MAC First Meet-up Pictures!

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