Monday, June 21, 2010

Character of the Month - June

The Anime character of the month is Goku a.k.a Kakarot a.k.a Son Goku from the Dragon Ball series. A infant Saiyan who was sent to destroy Earth ends up being a savior of Earth and the universe against many mighty enemies.

Most noteworthy amongst his enemies include Vegeta, Broly, Freiza, Cell and Majin Buu. He personifies Hope, Faith and purity. His signature move is the Kamehameha. He is the first saiyan after thousands of years to achieve ascension. His Super Saiyan transformation has saved him from lots of painful battles. Till the end of DragonBall GT, Goku masters Super Saiyan 4. His have-to-win attitude added to his deadly arsenal of fighting talents makes him a very formidable ally to the Earth.

Arguably the strongest character the Anime world has ever seen.

“If I won’t ,who will?!”

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