Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Announcement - MAC Meetup II

Mumbai Anime Club [MAC] meet II

As promised on the first ever MAC meet .. we're back stronger and heavy in number
for the second edition of MAC Otaku meet ^^

The meetup will be held on the 20th of June [sunday] in a Pizza hut near Juhu.

Full Address

Opposite J.W Marriot juhu , Pizza hut

Take a rick from Parle west.

To get to Parle west catch any slow train bound for churchgate if you're cming from or after Borivali side.


take any slow Borivali train if you're cming form Dadar or the central side.

In case of any difficulty or query do not hesitate to call this number 9967876093 - Pyratic / Akshay
Don't worry i won't eat you if u call me. =|
And dont gimme miss calls i absolutely dont call back. ^^

jaa ne

P.S [A big P.S]

Those of you who are a bit airheaded =)
and would find it difficult to locate the venue ..
Gather up at Parle west outside the station before 12:40pm
I will wait at Parle west till 12:45pm for any otaku cming there and leave for the venue.

Again .. my number is 9967876093 [I seriously don't bite :| ]
Gimme a call when you reach Parle west and I'll locate you immediately

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